Actual dates for Kickstarter and Beta!

Yes, we finally have an actual date for our Kickstarter launch.

The campaign begins on March 1st!

So what does that mean for those of you that were with us from the beginning, signed up for beta and got a beta key? We haven’t forgotten about you, and we will be honouring those keys at the same time as the Kickstarter backers. We’d love your support on Kickstarter, and there are definitely some great incentives to join the campaign, but we’re totally ok if you just want to join with the beta key you were sent, all those months ago!

We will be adding a select number of Alpha users before the end of February, in order to externally test some of the new features that we have added, as well as help us iron out some of the bugs as we head towards beta launch.

I know we promised some screenshots and videos in our last blog, and we are getting those ready as well.


Happy New Year!

First off, we’d really like to thank everyone who has shown interest in KUBE so far, the support and encouragement for beta launch has been phenomenal.

We initially set a target of Oct. 2015 for beta release, which clearly has come and gone. The delays have been both intentional and unavoidable, but given the stage we are at now, they were also very worthwhile. Least of which was the mobile version of KUBE, which is now being developed concurrently. (accessing it via the browser proved to be less than satisfactory.)

While beta releases normally lack polish and features, (and ours is no different) we didn’t want to release something that simply “worked”, we strive to bring users into something they want to use regularly, and can’t wait to bring their friends into.

We will be adding some videos and screenshots soon, we’re hard at work getting KUBE ready to show off at the BC Tech Summit.

We’ll be adding users this month, with the intention of ramping up steadily in the first quarter of 2016. Initial beta users will have the ability to invite a few friends, so they aren’t confined to a network of one.

We want you to have privacy,  but solitude should be optional.




The updates are continuing to improve stability, add new features and ramp up our teams level of excitement, launch can’t come fast enough, we want to get KUBE into your hands.

These are some early screenshots taken before we started working on the UI. (make it work, then make it look pretty)

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 2.46.31 PM

Well that doesn’t look like Facebook.

True, what you see is part of the underlying system that helps to set KUBE apart from your standard social media application.  The Newsfeed, or Timeline will be an integral part of KUBE, but it’s also a fairly small component.  (more on that later)

We chose to use a windowed interface, in order to provide a high level of customization, allowing you to arrange your interface to suit your needs.

The screenshot above shows the underlying file system and media playback. Videos saved in KUBE can be streamed directly to any device, and shared instantly between users. Drag and drop your files into the window and they upload in the background.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 2.47.42 PM

Here you can see the start of our newsfeed, which will be populated with news and updates from your friends, family, work and favorite RSS feeds.

You can also see the beginnings of our chat interface, no real explanation required there, but you can simply drag and drop files to send them instantly to your contacts.

Everything is encrypted, whether it’s in storage, in transmission, chat, user data… everything, we don’t have access to anything more that encrypted blobs of data. (Which does make testing and bug fixing…. interesting)

We will be actively adding early beta testers, starting in January.

Stay tuned and follow us on twitter @KUBE_is and if you haven’t signed up to be notified of our kickstarter launch, you can do that here.

Team intro ~ Communications Director.

Peter Morrison

Communications Director @ Redscotch Software

Joined Aug. 2014

About me:

As you can see, I’ve been with the team for over a year, as of this post. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I grew up on Vancouver Island BC, I’m 40 years old and i’ve been married for 20 years (yep, same woman, all years consecutive). I’m the very proud dad of a 16 year old girl. I love everything BC has to offer, fishing, hiking, skiing, scuba diving… (All possible to accomplish in the same day, btw)

I’m a fan of craft beer and bourbon, watching sports with my friends, preferably all at the same time.

I got a call from Michael (co-founder of Redscotch) in June of 2014, I had recently sold my sign and graphics company, and was contemplating the idea of running for a second term on city council.

I met for breakfast with Mike and Ian (the other half of the founder duo) shortly thereafter. As they laid out their plans for KUBE, and explained what they had accomplished so far, I have to admit, I was pretty excited.

While the tech startup game was something completely new to me, entrepreneurship was not. Still, as excited as I was about the opportunity, I had a family to consider, along with my new foray into politics, the decision wasn’t an easy one. In the end, my wife and daughter supported me, I made the decision to put my political aspirations on hold, and joined the Red Scotch team.

While there have been a lot of iterations, countless pitch decks and messaging rehashes, the underlying goal has remained a constant. Giving ultimate control to the user. Control of everything you do online, and security in the knowledge of exactly who has access to your data. It’s what keeps me going everyday, there is light at the end of the tunnel, KUBE is coming.

Patch, of the non-pumpkin variety.

Halloween has disappeared into a sea of Christmas decorations, and we’ve welcomed in November with another patch.

This patch includes “drag and drop” upload capability and delete functionality in FileStache, as well as dramatic speed increases. The guys are working on viewers and next week’s patch will bring relationships, sharing and communication online!

The coming weeks will also see an increase in users to help us with testing the new functionality.  The production crew at is almost finished the script for our Kickstarter video and filming will commence shortly!

We’re really excited to see each stage of the roll out come to life. Make sure to check out our main page and sign up to be notified as soon as our Kickstarted campaign launch date is finalized.

KUBE Alpha!

October is quickly coming to a close, it’s amazing how time flies!

KUBE is now in live Alpha testing, it officially launched on Oct. 13th, and it is being patched weekly with fixes and new features.

This is an exciting time at KUBE headquarters as we begin to allow our first external users into KUBE to help us test new feature roll outs and provide feedback on various aspects of the system as a whole.

Things are moving quickly now, and while we are not quite as far along as we had hoped, we are very happy with our progress thus far. We will be posting weekly here, as new features are added, and you may even see some screen shots shortly!

If you haven’t already, head over to and sign up to be notified of the Kickstarter launch day. We are currently working on the video with the production team at Filter Studios.

Do people really want a private social network?

Social media is here to stay, in some form or another.

Humans are social animals, and social media makes it easy to stay connected 24/7, albeit in a oddly antisocial way. The shear FOMO factor alone will keep people logging in to find out what everyone is up to.

Users are upset at how Facebook uses their data. Privacy policies change, people rant about settings and then rage quit, only to log back in a short time later

Remember “Quit Facebook Day”? that movement where tons of people signed up and vowed to delete their accounts, but very few actually did.

People instead, logged in… to see who quit.

So when alternatives appear, (and a surprising number have) promising private and secure alternatives, why do they fail?

“Hey Ello’s not a failure!” 

Ello found a niche market and filled a need, but it is in no way a growing concern for facebook, in fact they openly state that they “aren’t for everyone”. I would wager that most people who joined Ello, didn’t delete their Facebook accounts and make the move to solely use Ello. They now use both. (no hard evidence, just a hunch)

So what will it take to get people to actually leave Facebook? With 1 billion users, it most likely won’t happen overnight, but something has to be able to erode the walls of the stronghold eventually. I’m guessing that offering a Facebook clone that “promises” not to sell your data, isn’t going to cut it.

Maybe people really aren’t that worried about the privacy of their social media….but then why is the term “Private Social Network” searched over a million times a month on Google?

If a new social network is going to emerge as a viable alternative, even in the long term, it needs to offer a few things.

  1. an engaging user experience that gives them a reason to invite their friends and family
  2. easy to use right away, people don’t want to set up software or build their own anything.
  3. Privacy by default, people don’t want to hunt through pages of security settings to figure this stuff out.
  4. At the same time, it needs to provide a way for the attention seekers to broadcast to the world.
  5. Privacy from the service provider. Policies change, companies get sold, the only way to ensure privacy is to bake it into the infrastructure. If the company can access your data, they will. Period.
  6. It needs to be free.

It also needs to gain users at a rate that doesn’t overload the infrastructure or hamper the user experience, while fast enough to fill the terrible abyss that is, a social network with no users.

This battle certainly isn’t going to be easy, but when a company’s valuation is north of 125x its revenue, which is entirely dependant on access to it’s users data, beginning to lose that data would have serious implications.

Throughout history we’ve seen tech giants lose their footing, taken over by smaller more agile companies, which in turn become giants themselves.

Will Facebook follow suit?  Time will tell.